Easy Steps to Improve Your Credit Score Before You Buy a Home

Aug 1, 2019 | Info for Buyers

Not everyone can buy a home when they first meet with me. Over the years I can proudly say that I have worked with buyers from every stage of readiness. The home buying process is complicated and often times frustrating, but I am always so excited when I am sitting across the closing table and that special moment happens when my customers or clients receive the keys to their new home.

I hope that you will find the video above helpful to you as you journey toward your personal destination of home ownership.

As with any journey, this one requires that you take that first step toward your goal. If you ask one of my former customers or clients, many will tell you that I have a favorite saying… it may be expressed in various ways but it goes something like this…“You may not be able to buy right now, but if you wait and don’t find out what you need to do now in six months or a year you’ll be back and if you haven’t prepared you will be in the same place you are now and your new home will be that much farther away.” Don’t let the fear of finding sidetrack you from your destination. There are very few customers and clients that I deal with who have perfect credit. Most everyone has made a few mistakes along the way. Remember that you can always set your sights on home ownership today – Call me… I’d love to be your REALTOR.

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